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Getting to you before the IRS does.

You’re not alone. David A. Carris will handle all your communications with the IRS and Collection Division so you don’t have to.

Criminal Law attorneys | Bethesda, MD | David A. Carris PC | 301-986-5191

“All the way, over this long process, you have shown not only the highest level of professional excellence but also an understanding and compassion."

Is debt interfering with your life?

Don’t let the IRS make your life miserable. Let us provide the necessary legal representation for to get you the best settlement possible. Our experienced team will help you draft detailed and complex appeals to keep you from paying an arm and a leg.

Manageable payment plans so you can live your life:

• An Offer in Compromise- A settlement based on an inability to pay or based on the fact that the tax assessment is erroneous.

• A Monthly Installment Payment Agreement - A settlement based on monthly payments of tax in an amount that is affordable to the client.

• A Penalty Abatement Request- Where the IRS or the State Taxing Authorities are approached for purposes of requesting a removal of penalties based on the presence of reasonable cause.

• A Currently Uncollectible Designation-Where no payment is required in light of the fact that no payment can be made based an evaluation of the client’s monthly income versus expenses.


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